Beefs of Denver

I try to visit Chicago at least once annually.  It’s a great city.  The Bears suck, but I digress.  I like the bars and the live music scene.  Reggies on 21st and State is one of the greatest bars-slash-live music venues in all of America.  I have a buddy out there called Cunn Toddingham who is an extraordinary human being.  (I’ll say more about Cunn in a later post; I’d eventually like to publish a multi-volume encyclopedia of his hijinks.)  But the #1 reason to visit Chicago is the food.  They have a sandwich there called an Italian Beef: it’s the greatest handheld food unit ever devised. 

In between trips to Chicago, I get frequent hankerings for Beef.  I’m based in Denver, which is more of a burrito town, so achieving Beef satiation can be arduous.  (Worry not, loyal reader: I will break down the Denver Burrito Scene in painstaking detail in future posts to this forum.)  Here are the top three Beefs of Denver:

3. Fontano’s,  1623 California Street

Fontano's: #3 Best Beef in Denver

Meat is extremely flavorful. Peppers are spicy.  The bread is not a proper Italian roll, it’s more of a French baguette, so I can’t go any higher than a #3 ranking for this Beef.

2. Chicago Style Beef & Dogs, 6680 West Colfax Ave

Chicago, #2 Best Beef of Denver

This Beef should be #1, especially because of the puddle of gravy it’s swimming in, but the roll was a little stale on this day.  I can’t forgive that.

1. Mile High Vienna Stand, 258 Santa Fe Drive

MHVS, #1 Best Beef of Denver

The gold standard of Denver Beef.  Nearly perfect.  Look at that generous portion of giardiniera.  I needed a shower after taking this thing down.


  1. Great breakdown and a fantastic resource for future Denver beef lovers. Clearly Chicago deserves a worthwhile football team / organization.

    Wonder if MHVS’s close vicinity to El Taco helps give it a leg up.

    If your looking for contributors to the Toddingham release you wont have to look very hard!

  2. Cunn Toddingham says:

    Very nice 4 Beef Bobby!! Not bad for the mile high city but do you really have to bring da Bears into this. We need to talk about a starting annual beef fest kinda like last year, the day you earned that name. Tebow blows!

  3. I was looking for an Italian Beef with Fontano’s closing down. Good recommendations.

  4. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up in regards to a new place for Italian Beefs. West Hill Grill (formerly Fuglies) on Sims and Bellview has an italian beef on the menu that is fantastic! The bread is a little different, but it really works well. The sandwich holds up from start to finish even with extra gravy on it. They are not stingey with the beef and it is fairly priced.

    I lived in Chicago for ten years, and this is an Italian beef I would eat if I was back in Chicago! This isn’t a Chicago themed restaurant or bar, so I was a little surprised to see it on the menu and very pleasantly surprised to find out how good it is. It is well worth the trip if you’re craving a real beef!

  5. Come try ours down on Arapahoe Rd. in Greenwood Village and compare. Made from scratch daily. No factory made VB product and fresh Turano bread for dunking!

    Chicago Mike’s Beef & Dogs
    (303) 925-1334


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