Jeff Austin on Beef

Ronnie McCoury, Drew Emmitt & Jeff Austin

At a recent show Jeff Austin, the world famous mandolin player, announced that he fed Ronnie McCoury his first beef sandwich.   At Portillo’s.

From where I stand in life I was completely overjoyed by the announcement.   But from where I stood in the crowd, in Chicago no less, it wasn’t too well received.   People booed, saying it should have been Al’s #1.

Personally, I’ve never been to Al’s #1.   Shocking, I know, but it’s the truth.   Cunn Toddingham swears by it and I respect his opinions.

Jeff was kind enough to weigh in on this age old debate, posted here without his permission:


And for further pleasure, here is Sam Bush sitting in with Yonder Mountain Strin Band at Teluride 2008.

“No Expectations”


  1. Brilliant post, Luke. I’m a big fan of Jeff’s, and I don’t take his opinion on Beef lightly. I wonder how other famous Illinoisans would weigh in. What’s Mike Ditka’s preference? What about Ferris Bueller? Abe Lincoln?

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