Lets go to Luckenback Texas…

A couple of years ago we made it down to Willies 4th of July Picnic in Luckenbach, TX…

Willie Glancing at us Picnic in Luckenbach


Recently a recording of The Willie Nelson Blues Band surfaced and it reminded me of when we saw that formation at Willies 4th July Picnic in Lukenbach, TX.

It was a scorching hot day summers day and we were staying at a ranch somewhere near Austin.   As we headed into the show The Falc made an unannounced appearance, coming down from Colorado for a short but intense sojourn.

That was the first of many surprises in an very pivotally formational experience.

It was my first encounter with a bratwurst wrapped in a tortilla.   Something so simple and yet so brilliant.   It opened me up to a whole new understanding of what’s possible.

So here is a little gallery of the pictures that I have. Click on the images for a larger version…

Some cowgirl wanted to party with Christian and wear his hat.   Before long the chicks boyfriend ended up wearing the hat.

There are a couple things I remember from the day.   Cans of Shiner Bock and singing Happy Birthday to America.

There was a lot of boob flashing going on too.   I tried to get a picture and remember thinking no one back home is going to believe this.   But I couldn’t time it right, so the last picture is kind of random.


  1. This cowgirl really wanted to join the party – take me back to Luchenbach

  2. I had forgotten that I survived that day.

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