One Year Anniversary

Luke Harris, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi

That's me on the left, photographed with Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi. Unnamed Packers fan on the right.


Today marks the one year anniversary of meeting Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi back stage at a show.

I was on a trip in Omaha Nebraska for work.   I won the tickets in a contest on Twitter and they included before the show back stage passes.   It was a real treat getting to to meet the President and First Lady of the Blues, couldn’t have happened to a better guy!

Thankfully there was a professional photographer on hand to record the encounter. The ones taken with my phone turned out to be pictures of the floor.

Derek and his guitar tech

We were the last ones to come through, so we got some extra time to hang with them.   Even though this was the second time I met Derek and I had a good idea of what I wanted to tell them, I didn’t make much sense.

I tried to tell him something meaningful about how good he is and how I was blown away when I fist saw him 12 years ago and about how much better he is getting. But, you know…

The first time I met Derek was in 1997 I think at the Aggie Theater in Fort Collins.   I followed him in to the bath room after the show.   Captive audience for a convo!   His dad was waiting at the door for him because he was still only 17 or 18.

That show was incredible and the club was half full.   I’ve been a huge fan of Derek’s even since.

I burned a bunch of CD’s for them. Some old Coltrane gigs, Taj Mahal and some others I thought he would be into.   He was looking forward to playing them in the bus.   Unfortunately I didn’t have much for Susan.   She said she was into Freddie King and Johnny “Guitar” Watson.

I met the Packers fan at the bar when I was waiting to go back stage.   I knew he deserved my extra back stage pass when he said something like “When I meet Derek I’m going to tell him to come play in Wisconsin”.

He had driven 9 hours to see the band.   And it blew his mind to go back stage.   I’m not sure how I found out that he was a Packers fan.   It might of been when I asked him who had done more for America, John Elway or Derek Trucks.   I think he said he was at that Super Bowl, the pinnacle moment in the NFL when John Elway hoisted the trophy.   Pretty sure he didn’t remember it that way though…

Midnight In Harlem

The show was really different as both Derek and Susan had just formed the band after breaking their separate solo groups.   Nearly every song was a either a new one for them or a new cover tune.   And it’s a band of all stars, plain and simple.    In every regard.

Susan Tedeschi sang A Woman’s Gotta Have It by Bobby Womack.   Not the greatest recording, but here it is:

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Derek Trucks played the most beautiful solo at the end of it.   Typically when he solos he just goes crazy and wails and it makes your jaw drop.

But on this one he was restrained and held back.   I don’t know what it was, the string of notes or how expressive he was but it just took my breath away.   And I still can’t get it out of my mind, even a year later.

Mostly because Derek was making it very clear to me that I needed to be taking better care of my wife!   She is the finest girl in North America, but after almost 10 year of marriage I wasn’t really showing her.

Our relationship is looking more like something out of a Neil Diamond & Barbara Streisand song:

So one year on things are in a much better place.   Really glad I thought it over before it was too late. I’m glad Derek convinced me, now let Bobby convince you:


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