Random Notes From The FalcZone

– This newly-released Bruce Hornsby song is just weird.  It’s called “The Don Of Dons”.  I wonder if Trump commissioned it.  The biographical depth is….weird. 

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– And what’s with Trump threatening to run for President?  His platform: something about a pissing contest with the Somali pirates.  Ridiculous.  He’s making a mockery of our Democracy.  This is why I usually raffle off my vote as a door prize at my annual “Wear-A-Crazy-Hat” theme party.

– Overheard On The Streets Of Downtown Denver – A 50-year-old white dude with dreadlocks talking to a couple of scummy-looking street kids: “Kids these days don’t understand what it means to be a Juggalo…”

– President Obama announced today that we’re bombing Libya now.  Sweet.  I was wondering who we were gonna bomb next.  Why Libya, though?  I thought Marty McFly took care of the Libyans back in 1985.  Unfinished business, I guess.  How many more wars do we have to fight over plutonium?

– Hopefully our leaders in Washingtion consider carefully the grave implications of using military force.  As my wife would say, “They better stop cashing checks out of their ass that their ass can’t cash!”  She likes to put her own spin on colloquialisms.

 – I’m told by people with inside knowledge of the ongoing negotiations that this picture of Neil Diamond kissing a koala bear is doing a lot to ease tensions between NFL ownership and the players’ union.  Is there anything Neil Diamond can’t do?

– Speaking of animals: Jag Dazzler.  That guy’s an animal.

– The Latest Buzz: Have you read the controversial new bestseller by conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks?  Me neither.  I don’t read much.

– I love this guy Gus Johnson.  His verbal eruptions make March the maddening miracle that it is.

-Now I’m done….check this space regularly for more of my exclusive musings on music, politics, and the human condition.

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